Things to Consider When Choosing Hardware for Your Cabinets

Choosing the right hardware for your space is an easy way to elevate the visual impact of your cabinets throughout your home. And these small details are often easy to overlook compared to the larger decisions you have to make like which countertops you want, type of cabinetry, floors, etc. However, your project isn’t complete without picking the right finishing touches and whether you are working through a home remodel or updating existing kitchen cabinet hardware, there are a few things to keep in mind throughout the process.

Decide what type of hardware you’ll be using.

Do you want knobs, pulls, or both? Yes, you can do BOTH! Most commonly, knobs are used on the doors, and pulls are used on the drawers, however, they can most certainly be used on both, it is generally based on your personal preference and comfort. What’s important is keeping the same finish throughout to keep a nice clean look. Typically, any large door such as a pantry door or maybe an appliance panel will have a pull, making it easier to open.

What's your style?

While function is important when it comes to cabinet hardware, the style of your hardware can help display the style you want in your home. Both knobs and pulls come in basically any style that you can imagine – the options are endless! For example, a contemporary style will have sleek lines and a neutral color palette. Bar handles (or pulls) would be a great fit for this type of look. Transitional style is a lighter and more relaxed feel with natural colors and smooth blending details. The traditional style is a combination of comfortable and classic. This style is popular when decorating homes. Knobs are usually a more traditional style. Farmhouse or Rustic style homes are designed to be warm and inviting and often display a more simple knob or pull. Finally, the Eclectic style. Let your personality shine through with unique hardware!


After you choose the type, style, and size of your hardware, it will be easier to decide on the finish. Keep in mind the appliances and fixtures that are in your space when making this decision. There really is no right or wrong finish to choose from. Pick a style and finish that you love and that you believe suits your home best!

Here are a few finish examples: brass, chrome, polished, brushed, satin, matte, burnished, oil-rubbed, antique, weathered or painted, and many more!

Need to visualize everything we just talked about? We’ve got you covered! Below are photos from our own Mullet Cabinet remodel gallery:

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