Kitchen Features That Will Add Storage and Style to Your Home

Pull-out Drawers

Drawers offer great, flexible storage options and allow you to store things out of sight helping keep your kitchen space tidy and functional. Pull-out pantry drawers help make it easy to access the food that is being stored within cabinets.  Pull-outs next to your stove can save you from having to dig through a cabinet for spices while cooking or baking.

Pet Storage

Your pets are also an important part to your family, so why not make room for them within your home layout? Consider built-in storage solutions such as for their beds or dishes.

Built-in Appliances

Building your appliances into your custom cabinetry gives your kitchen a smooth and integrated look. It also allows you to have storage space above and beside your refrigerator or other built-in appliances.

Counter Garage

Keep your everyday appliances from cluttering your counter by utilizing a counter appliance garage. Great for appliances that you often use but don’t want sitting on your counter, or don’t want to drag out when needed.

Corner Storage

Don’t waste space in your kitchen layout that you think you might not need or aren’t able to use. For example, your corners. Instead, opt for a lazy Susan for your mixing bowls, storage containers, etc. Or like these customers, try pull-out corner drawers. How neat!

Deep Drawers

Recently, homeowners have been opting to have deep drawers in their kitchens to store their pots and pans. Rather than squatting down and digging through cabinets that you can’t see in, these drawers allow much easier access to your cooking essentials.

Tray Storage Cabinet

Having custom inserts like this helps keep your oddly shaped, long baking sheets, cutting boards, platters, etc. organized.

Choose Mullet Cabinet for Your Custom Cabinetry Needs

Custom made cabinets give you every option in any style whether you are remodeling or building from scratch. And get this, stunning custom cabinetry doesn’t have to break the bank – or your sanity. At Mullet Cabinet, our goal is to give you a premier customer experience while helping you bring your dream home to life. Our design center is open Monday through Friday from 8 am to 3:30 pm, stop on by! Or give us a call at 330-674-9646 and let’s see how we can help you elevate your kitchen.

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