Selections Phase

Q. What will we be doing in the Selections Phase?
A. The purpose of this phase is to choose all details that will create the style and look of the cabinetry.

Q. How long will the Selections Phase take?
A. This really depends on how many spaces you are working on and how quickly you can make decisions. Some of our clients breeze right through this phase, while others spend quite a bit of time personalizing finishes and coordinating color schemes. Remember, your manufacturing lead time does not begin until after the Approval Phase.

Q. What do I need to select for my cabinetry?
A. You will need to select the following for each area:
• Wood species and finish colors
• Door/drawer style and hardware
• Door overlay (inset, beaded inset, 1/2” or full overlay)
• Countertop material, edge and color
• Sink size, style and material

Q. Will any of my selections cause my project to take longer to complete?
A. Not necessarily, since most of the materials we order are specifically for your job, and we have already built the required lead times into our schedule. Your Designer will let you know if anything falls outside of the normal lead times.

Q. Can I get samples of my selections to help me choose the other selections in my home?
A. Yes, your designer can provide color samples, and select countertop samples are available for sign out from our design center. Additionally, you can purchase 5×7 color samples or full door samples for you to keep.

Q. How will this affect my manufacturing lead time?
A. This is a very crucial question and is often misunderstood. The design, selections and approval phases should be expected to take several weeks each. Your manufacturing lead time will not start until after all designs /selections are complete, all questions have been answered, the sales order /cabinet drawings are approved and you have given us a down payment. Our manufacturing lead times vary in length from 8 to 10 weeks depending on our schedule.

Q. What will the next step be?
A. Once you feel comfortable with your selections and your overall price it’s time for the Approval Phase.

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