Q. Who will be installing our cabinets?
A. Mullet Cabinet has our own Installation teams that are highly-trained, efficient and detail-oriented.

Q. How long will the installation take?
A. Every installation is different and can take a different amount of time based on the complexity, number of rooms and whether the floors and walls are level and plumb. The average kitchen installation takes around two days to complete. When setting up your installation date with our Scheduling Coordinator, he will give you an estimate on how long the installation of your cabinets will take.

Q. Why does the installation take several days?
A. Our installation team will spend time carefully leveling, squaring and custom fitting each cabinet to the floor, ceiling and walls. This can be quite time consuming because walls, floors or ceilings are never perfectly square, plumb or level. When the installers are finished, each cabinet will have been custom fit into your space.

Q. Do I need to do anything special before the installation?
A. Yes, we would like you to prep the area before our installation team arrives at the jobsite. Please ensure the following:

• The area should be generally clean and free of debris

• All flooring should be installed (This is a very important step that allows us to properly fit your cabinetry to the floor.)

• All flooring should be clean and dust free (This is especially important on wood floors. We will put work blankets down on wood, but the cleaner the floor the better.)

• All appliances should be disconnected and removed from the area

Q. Why do you ask that there be no other sub-contractors present on the day of installation?
A. Even though our installers work and play well with others, we do prefer that they are the only ones on the jobsite. Cabinet installation requires a great amount of space and the installers will need to set up areas for their tools, saws and space to modify cabinetry. They also need to store the cabinets and parts that have not been installed yet. This can be very difficult if they have to share areas. and This process greatly effects the speed and accuracy of the installation.

Q. Do you care if we are at the home during the installation?
A. We know that this is a very exciting day that you have been planning on for a very long time. Installing custom cabinetry is part art and part science and the installers are very talented at what they do. However, the installers do their best work when someone is not looking over their shoulder. We respectfully ask that you give them the space and time to do what they do best. We promise that you can inspect every nook and cranny when they are done.

Q. What can I expect to see during the days of install?
A. You will see your vision becoming a reality, but remember some adjustments can’t be made until after certain stages of the installation are complete. For example: The doors are not adjusted evenly until the end to ensure consistency. So, understand that what you see will vary throughout the process. Installation can start to look complete, but chances are we will still be making adjustments up to completion of the install.

Q. What if we run into a problem on the installation?
A. Over the past four decades we have designed, built and installed thousands of custom kitchens. We will take good care of you, so please don’t panic – you’re in good hands! Your installer will be glad to help you and do what it takes to solve your problem.

Q. What if I want to change something after it is installed?
A. We want you to be happy with your custom kitchen. Let your installer know what you are thinking and he can help you know if it is something that can be easily changed. If it requires additional time or parts, he will inform your Designer so they can tell you if there will be an additional charge.

Q. Will you clean the cabinets after the installation is complete?
A. The installers are very careful where they make dust and will clean up the jobsite each evening before leaving. On the final day, if the space allows it, they will use their air compressor to blow any dust out of the cabinetry as well. You will need to do a final cleaning before you use the cabinets.

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