Initial Consultation

Q. What will we be talking about?
A. The main goal of the initial consultation is to have a pleasant and open conversation to learn more about one another and see if it makes sense to take the next step. Your Designer will discuss the type of project you are planning, which room(s) you are working on, the type of look you would like to achieve and the parameters of your budget. This is also your chance to ask lots of questions and learn more about your Designer and Mullet Cabinet.

Q. Who needs to be at the Initial Consultation?
A. We recommend that anyone who cares about how the space will be used, how it will look, and what the investment will be attend the meeting.

Q. How long will the Initial Consultation last?
A. You can expect to be at the Design Center for an hour or two. Feel free to arrive early if you would like extra time to look at the displays before meeting with your Designer. Don’t forget to have Mary, our receptionist, make you one of her wonderful drinks or try one of her delicious cookies!

Q. Can my Designer come to my home for the Initial Consultation?
A. Yes, your Designer would be glad to do an in-home consultation. We charge a small fee based on your distance from our Design Center, which we will apply to the project cost if the project moves forward.

Q. What will the next step be?
A. Once you feel comfortable with the scope of work and what Mullet Cabinet has to offer and have agreed on a budget, you are ready for the Design Phase. This phase begins when you tell your Designer you would like to move forward with a Design and a Proposal.

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