Design Phase

Q. What will we be talking about in the Design Phase?
A. The purpose of the Design Phase is to communicate your style, vision and needs to your Designer so that drawings and a proposal can be created.

Q. Who needs to be involved in the Design Phase?
A. It’s a good idea to bring anyone who will have an influence in the final design. This can include your interior designer, your builder, a family member or even a trusted friend. Some clients come alone, as they are comfortable making the decisions themselves.

Q. How long will the Design Phase last?
A. This is largely dependent on how many rooms you have; how complex your cabinetry needs are and how many updates/changes there are to the plans along the way. It is very important to take your time during this phase and think about how you will use each space. Planning several weeks for this phase will allow you to work at a comfortable pace. Remember, your manufacturing lead time does not begin until after the Approval Phase.

Q. How long can I expect to be at the Design Center?
A. We have some clients who are in and out in an hour and others who spend most of the day with us. Your Designer can let you know how much time to plan for.

Q. What do I need to bring along to my Design Phase meeting?
A. You will need to bring the blueprints for your home or the basic room measurements (this should include wall lengths, ceiling heights and width, height and location of any wall openings such as windows or doors).

Photos of the area are also very helpful on remodel projects. Try to take as wide of an angle as you can to help the designer see the space.

If you have design and style ideas that you like from magazines or online sources, bring a copy of those as well.

Q. Where can I find design and style ideas?
A. The gallery on our website is a great place to start for ideas. Visit the gallery at mulletcabinet.com/gallery.  To see some of our projects in progress, visit our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/mulletcabinet. Home decorating magazines feature various styles that may appeal to you, as well.

Some other idea sites to visit include:

www.kitchens.com and
www.pinterest.com are all great websites for ideas.

Q. What types of ideas should I be looking for?
A. Anything that intrigues or inspires you! Many times our clients bring us photos of a hood, an island or even a chalkboard area that they like. We suggest that you keep your eye open for the following topics: door and drawer styles, color schemes, countertops, accessories and unique designs that appeal to you.

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