Approval Phase

Q. What will we be doing in the Approval Phase?
A. The purpose of the Approval Phase is for all decision makers to carefully review their decisions, sign off on the sales order and cabinet drawings and make the down payment.

Q. How long will the Approval Phase take?
A. This is the quickest (and most important) phase. Once you have completed this phase there is no going back. Within several days your parts will have been ordered, and manufacturing will begin shortly after. Remember, your manufacturing lead time does not begin until after the Approval Phase is complete.

Q. What do I need to check before I approve the sales order and drawings?
A. This is a very important step. We recommend that you find a quiet spot and take whatever time is necessary to check over every detail of your cabinetry. Spending time on the front end will help your installation go much more smoothly. Our team will be doing the same thing.

We ask that you (and any other decision makers) check and verify the following:
• Wood species and finish colors (the look and feel of the cabinets)
• Door/drawer style and hardware (the look and feel of the doors and drawers)
• Door overlay (inset, beaded inset, ½” or full overlay)
• Countertop material, edge and color
• Sink size, style and material
• Location of accessories
• Location and model/brand of appliances

Q. Do I need to understand all of the dimensions for my cabinetry?
A. Yes and no. Yes, you need to understand the basics (how wide, deep and tall are my cabinets). No, you don’t need to worry about what size the frame will be on the cabinet under the island, for example. We will worry about those kinds of dimensions.

Q. How will this affect my manufacturing lead time?
A. This is a very crucial question and is often misunderstood. The design, selections and approval phases should be expected to take several weeks each. Your manufacturing lead time will not start until after all designs/selections are complete, all questions have been answered, the sales order/cabinet drawings are approved and you have given us a down payment. Our manufacturing lead times vary in length from 8 to 10 weeks depending on our schedule.

Q. What will the next step be?
A. Your work is done! Now it’s our turn. We will be double checking all the selections to make sure everything is exactly right. Within several days, John Kurtz, our Scheduling Coordinator, will be contacting you regarding the second measure (if it’s necessary) and your installation date.

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