Do you have a kitchen where people want to gather?

It never fails — no matter how welcoming the living room, or how cozy the family room, or how many open chairs are waiting ready in the dining room, when it comes to hosting, it’s the kitchen where people gather.

And really, it makes perfect sense. The kitchen is where the action is, and who doesn’t want to be close to the action. Nibbling, chatting, sipping, grazing, standing around a center island or leaning against the counters, the kitchen’s draw is magnetic.

But for many a host this can feel less like a quaint and charming phenomenon, and more like moths gathering to a flame. Have you ever felt as though the only unwelcome guest at your dinner party is the very kitchen where everyone seems so determined to be? Maybe it’s cramped, maybe it’s dingy, maybe there’s outdated linoleum, or a hodge-podge of appliances, or cabinets that have been re-painted more times than you care to admit, and shudder-to-think if someone looking for a bottle opener instead made the mistake of opening your “miscellaneous” drawer.

Instead of an enjoyable, light, and carefree place to gather with the people you love, you spend your hosting time in an anxiety-ridden dance, distractedly hoping your guests don’t notice the things that have been driving you crazy for years. And perhaps more than anything else, it can feel the most tragic when those dissatisfied feelings last for so many years; life’s too short!

So, if this is all hitting a little close to home, I have good news: 1) you are far from alone. So many people feel exactly the same way about their kitchens. And 2) it’s never too late to make your old kitchen, feel vibrant again. More than any other room, kitchen remodels can feel the most overwhelming; it can be tough to visualize what’s even possible, let alone know where to start. From kitchen countertops to islands to custom cabinets, it can seem like options are endless. But adding a modern touch using beautiful aesthetics and implementing new, creative strategies to make the most out of how much (or how little) space will go such a long way. And trust me when I say that it doesn’t have to be nearly as complicated or daunting as people so often think.

And a new and improved kitchen does more than just improve how that one area of your home looks. We’ve already talked about the surprising role the Kitchen plays in hosting and entertainment. But an updated kitchen will also improve functionality and flow to make life easier and reduce stress day in and day out. And we haven’t even mentioned what a critical role the kitchen plays in home appraisals and what an updated look can do to increase home resale value.

Over the coming weeks we’re going to cover a variety of topics surrounding kitchen remodeling from updates to space configuration to getting the most return on your investment. And hopefully, with this series, you’ll start to realize that your kitchen has far more potential than you ever imagined.

So, keep checking in each week, and if in the meantime you have any questions or want to talk one-on-one with a consultant, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us, with a quick click HERE.

See you again soon.

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