Selecting the Perfect Countertop For Your Kitchen

With so many options of countertop materials on the market, we know how time consuming it can be to choose the right one. We have narrowed it down to the 5 most popular choices that we see on a daily ... Read More...


Featured In Houzz - Mullet Kitchens - Contributing Our Part on the “Road to Redemption”

According to Houzz, "... it takes five seconds to scrape, rinse and put a dish in the dishwasher. If the dishwasher is full, please just empty it! But... Read More...


Join Us At the Great Big Home & Garden Expo February 5-14, 2016

The Great Big Home & Garden Expo is coming to the I-X Center in Cleveland, Ohio, from February 5 through Februa... Read More...


What to do next: Your Kitchen Transformation

Over the past several weeks, we’ve covered the various ways that the modern kitchen can fall short of its amazing potential. From cramped and dreary to outdated and closed off, we’ve t... Read More...


Kitchen ROI = Getting the greatest return on your kitchen remodel investment

As anyone still holding on to a Beanie Baby collection will tell you, not all investments are created equal. What might come as a surprise for some, is that the same is true about investments in your ... Read More...


Appliances change everything

We talked last week about the role that advances in technology have played in helping move the kitchen from a dark and smoky room that was best avoided, to a room that’s begging to be ... Read More...


Opening Your Kitchen Workspace and Creating Flow

The kitchen workspace has certainly undergone a lot of change over the last hundred years. Historically, when people still cooked over open fires, kitchens were intentionally hidden away; dark, smoky,... Read More...


No Space Left Behind... Great Kitchen Design For Any Space

Space, the final frontier...of your kitchen. I know, I know such a stupid joke, but it’s kind of true. When I talk to people about their kitchen design, space, is always simultaneously the #1 thing ... Read More...


The Pains of Old Age - Kitchens Get Them Too!

Old age comes for all of us. One minute you’re running around the neighborhood with your friends in the summer sun without breaking a sweat and the next you’re stopping to stretch half way through... Read More...


Do you have a kitchen where people want to gather?

It never fails — no matter how welcoming the living room, or how cozy the family room, or how many open chairs are waiting ready in the dining room, when it comes to hosting, it’s the kitchen wher... Read More...

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