Appliances change everything

We talked last week about the role that advances in technology have played in helping move the kitchen from a dark and smoky room that was best avoided, to a room that’s begging to be light, airy, and incorporated into the rest of the house. Well, technological advancements didn’t just start and stop with the introduction of electricity and natural gas.

In today’s world, we often take for granted the multitude of advancements in technology that have been seamlessly integrated with our everyday appliances. Whether it’s a "smart" thermostat learning your daily rhythms, your phone syncing to your car, or your TV connecting to the Internet, the various tools in our lives are becoming more intuitive, connected, and fundamental right before our eyes. Or at least they could be…

There was a time when the microwave was the coolest, newest appliance on the block. You might even remember when you got your first one. Unfortunately, there’s a better than average chance that it's still the latest and greatest your kitchen has to offer. And I’m sorry to say it, but you’re missing out. Really! There have been amazing advancements in the size, efficiency and overall tech capabilities of home kitchen appliances. And wherever you land on the home-cooking spectrum, whether you’re a full-on foodie or just really hoping your kids will eventually, someday, just maybe eat something other than chicken nuggets, tech enabled appliances can do so much more than simply look the part.

Ovens and Stoves have undergone amazing innovations, and the array of choices is endless. From ovens with Wi-Fi and tablet interfaces allowing you to look up recipes on the fly, to induction ranges that are more responsive, efficient, and versatile, these appliances are going full-on "Jetsons", and the results are pretty impressive. Gas, electric, convection, steam, speed, induction, microwave, and any number of combinations are just the beginning, and the list just goes on from there…

Whether you’re looking for a microwave that’s heats more evenly, or a dishwasher that can deal with the fact that you don’t have time to pre-rinse - today’s modern, technology-rich kitchen is more customizable and user-friendly than ever before.

And what’s more, you can get as creative as you want. Your kitchen should truly reflect your passions. Maybe that means opting for an under-the-counter wine cooler for easy access, or maybe it’s a pullout fridge for the best in game-day entertaining, or simply matching your home’s overall interior with unique appliance designs or colors.

Today’s appliances can be seamlessly integrated into cabinet features or even incorporated to ‘stow’ when you’re not using them. Whether you’re more concerned with how quickly you can fully cook a turkey, child-friendly safety features, energy savings, sleek designs that seamlessly and intuitively melt into the background of your kitchen, or all of the above, technological innovations in today’s appliances can revolutionize not only what comes out of the kitchen, but how productive your time is spent in the kitchen as well.

So, with the constantly evolving changes in technology and kitchen design trends, how do you keep up with the many choices in appliances and gadgets on the market today, let alone decide what solutions will work best for you? Customizing your kitchen to meet your family’s needs is the primary focus of our professional designers at Mullet Cabinet. When renovating or remodeling the busiest space in your home, it only makes sense to call in the experts.

Come back next week where we’ll be talking about Resale Value, and how much your kitchen remodel can affect it. And in the meantime, if you have any questions about today’s appliance options and how those can be seamlessly integrated into your kitchen remodel, a member of our DESIGN TEAM will be happy to schedule a professional consultation with you.

See you again soon.

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